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Guest Health and Safety


We have always made cleanliness a top priority:


  1. Electrostatic air and surface sanitizing procedures are in place for guest rooms and common areas

  2. We utilize a circulating system that continuously exchanges the air in our guest rooms

  3. Multiple hand sanitizers have been installed on each floor of the hotel

  4. We use Southern Nevada Health District approved disinfectants to sterilize all hard and soft surfaces in our guest rooms

  5. Our housekeepers are well trained in biohazard protocols

  6. We use a Southern Nevada Health District approved, commercial laundering facility for bed linens

  7. We engage in routine  cleaning of all public spaces throughout the day

  8. We follow all up-to-date protocols from the CDC and the Southern Nevada Health District


Guest safety is also a top priority:

  1. 24 hour staff

  2. Surveillance cameras throughout the building

  3. Staff is routinely educated in all our safety protocols



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